Being a mom is by far one of the most difficult and most rewarding jobs in the world, and Mother’s Day is a special time for all of us to show how truly grateful we are for all they’ve done.


Anna Krista's living room during the house tour.


It’s a day to celebrate many of the incredible women in our lives—the sacrifices they’ve made for us, the love they’ve given us, and the homes they’ve built for us.


Anna Krista's dining room during the house tour.


In honour of Mother’s Day, friend of LUX Decor Anna Krista invited us over. In this house tour video, Anna Krista guides us through her favourite rooms and shows us how LUX Decor helped her make her house into a home.



Ever since revamping her living room, Anna Krista says it has now become a space her family uses much more often. Whether she’s entertaining guests or her kids are using it to read or do homework, she says her favourite part about the new space is how welcoming it is.


Anna Krista's living room during the house tour after a full consult.


Another room the family loves to entertain in is their dining room. While their living room is often the go-to, many family dinners and family brunches have been hosted at their dining table.


Anna Krista smiling in her newly decorated dining room during the house tour.


The first room Anna Krista worked on with LUX Decor was her bedroom—or as she likes to call it, her oasis. Extremely happy with the results, she says she is amazed at how much she still loves it several years after getting it decorated.


Close up of Anna Krista's chair and side table in her bedroom during the house tour.         Close up of Anna Krista's bed in her bedroom during the house tour.


From all of us at LUX Decor, Happy Mother’s Day!


Anna Krista's bedroom during the house tour.

08 May 2019 by LUX decor

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