Co-owner of Lux Decor Marina Gianotti has 20 years of design experience under her belt. Marina takes care of buying and merchandising for the store, is a head designer for full design consults and holds mini consults with clients. As a designer by background, Marina is the perfect person to turn to for style expertise. In mini consults, clients can pick Marina’s brain for guidance through the perfect furniture, drapery, and accessories to truly tie their space together.



Q: What is a mini consult?

A: Mini consults are perfect service for people with a limited budget who still need help making their space more complete. They aren’t very expensive, plus, by holding mini consults in the store, we have every tool we need to be able to base ourselves off of clients’ photos, information, correct sizes, and dimensions without visiting their space. When selecting a mini consult, the clients need to be engaged in finishing their space themselves and need to be able to listen to a designer’s directions. It’s a great option for someone who can run with the ball.

Q: How long is a mini consult?

A: One hour is rare—it’s usually two hours. That’s the first mini consult. Depending on how much a client wants to get done, I sometimes see them up to four times to complete a whole room. It all depends on each client’s specific needs.



Q: What’s the step-by-process of a mini consult?

A: We always start with the floor plan. We confirm that the dimensions of the space have been taken by the client and verify those to make sure everything fits. After dimensions are in, we ask them what their needs are for the room, what the functions of it will be, how much seating they want, etc. Then we look at what the feel, colour, and tone inspirations are. After that, I try to gauge a price point they want to spend on each item and what value makes sense for them and their budget. Then I show them items that will fit that budget and go with every piece of the floor plan.

Q: What do clients need to prepare for a mini consult?

A: There is prep work. The more information a client brings with them to a mini consult, the better. Photos, sizes, and dimensions are great. Even filming their space helps because videos really capture all the angles. Photos and dimensions of items or furniture that might stay, if there are any, are also really important. Images of rooms they liked on Instagram, Pinterest, and all that can also help us get a feel of what inspires them and what they want to do. Finally, a priority list of their needs is often helpful.



Q: Why would a client choose a mini consult over a full consult?

A: Mini consults are lead by the client and require them to do the homework and research to make sure a space comes together, whereas a full consult is more complete and the space is measured by the designer. A mini consult is great for somebody who’s ready to buy and for someone who just needs the guidance through certain choices. We answer the client’s needs and allow them to go at their own pace.

Q: What are the best current design trends, in your opinion?

A: It’s an exciting time for design right now. We’re experiencing a major shift from lighter colours and everything being tone on tone, to a lot more contrast in everything we see. White used to be much more present, now black is back! We’re still with the neutrals, but with more punches of colour. Oddly enough, it’s the opposite for wood tones. Dark tones used to be the go-to, but now it’s all about those lighter, blonder woods. They’re slowly coming back in style!


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12 November 2018 by Candice Pye

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