Lux Decor is Montreal’s premiere home design team. We bring Lux to your space with our room design services, and offer unique products at our retail store. Add a little #LuxDecorLiving to your world.

We currently offer three design services. Depending on your design needs, We are sure one of these services will be suited to you.

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In-Store Mini Consult

You can receive:

  • Floor/Sketch Plan with furniture layout based on client’s measurements.
  • Color and /or Paint selection for the room
  • Selection of furniture and accessories from LUX décor to help you enrich your living space!

Bring with you:

  • Measurements of the room
  • Photos and/or videos of the space
  • Photos with dimensions and samples of the furniture that will remain in the room
  • Photos that inspire you from Instagram or Pinterest!
  • A list of your needs and priorities

At-Home Mini Consult

  • The service entails a visit in your home for 2 hours with a designer.
  • This service is geared towards the individual who enjoys design, but would like the advice of a designer and is really only looking for a second opinion on such things as paint colours, reconfiguration of current furniture layout, and general guidance in design.
  • Having photos or samples of what you are interested in helps the designer optimize your 2 hour visit.
  • We recommend only focusing on one room per consult.

Full Consult

  • We like to call this our A-Z service, because Lux Decor takes care of everything!
  • A detailed quote and budget guide is prepare for you to review.
  • Once the quote is approved, the designers meet with you in your home to see the space to be designed and get a feel for your needs.
  • The designer will prepare a detailed floor plan of all items that will go into the space, photos of the items, fabric swatches and colour schemes, paint selections, window covering etc.
  • Once this has all been prepared, the designers will present the entire design to you.
  • All selected items are then placed on order.
LUX decor design services

Finishing Service

  • The finishing services is really the “icing on the cake”
  • The Lux team will come to your home, unpack all the furniture items, place them according to the floor plan and add the finishing touches to give your room that polished, magazine ready look!
  • This service takes approximately 7 hrs. It is great value because you are getting 6 people for the price of one.
  • This service is only available to clients who use our Full Consult Service
  • We recommend only focusing on one room per consult.

LUX decor design services

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