Frequently Asked Questions - Design Services

What does a Lux Decor designer do?

Lux decor's designers are experts who pride themselves on solving any design problems. They begin by learning about your space, your needs and your style. They then proceed to prepare design processes, before and afters, supporting documentation and budget guides for you. Once a project is selected, they can prepare the space for the magazine-ready look you have always dreamed of. They are always happy to help anyone at our store located in Pointe-Claire, QC or to meet people at their homes. Either way, they are prepared to make the experience LUXurious.  

Do I need an appointment?

You can visit our store in Pointe-Claire, QC anytime -- no appointment needed! If you would like to book an appointment anyways, or have a few questions, feel free to contact us. 


What if I want a home call?

If you want a designer to meet you at your home, contact us at the button below or come in to our store to book an appointment. 

How do I know the designer will "get" my style?

Our designers are experts who pride themselves on getting to know you and your style. They can design in a variety of styles. They collaborate with all types of clients, such as those who know exactly what they want, or those who are just figuring out what there style is. No matter what the circumstances are, Lux Decor's experts are here to meet you where you are and to create the space of your dreams. 

Okay. Let's do this. How do I start?

Decide where you want to meet your designer. 

You can stop by anytime at our store in Pointe-Claire, QC-- you may have a short wait if we are busy with other clients, so use the time to look around for inspiration or check out our products. You can also make book an appointment to make sure a Lux Decor designer is ready for you.